ZagMeter Is Like Your Credit Score But For Your Healthsm

For business

For Business

The CDC defines Health Risk Assessment (such as Zagmeter) as a systematic approach to collecting information from individuals that identifies risk factors, provides individualized feedback, and links the person with at least one intervention to promote health, sustain function and/or prevent disease. A typical HRA obtains information on demographic characteristics (e.g., sex, age), lifestyle (e.g., smoking, exercise, alcohol consumption, and diet), personal medical history, and family medical history. It also includes physiological data (e.g., height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels).


Zagmeter can help you:

  • Design an effective workforce health promotion program
  • Provide guidance for refining health plan services
  • Drive health insurance cost reduction
  • Provide cardiovascular screening for physical activity program participation for safety and company risk-management purposes
  • Promote individual health awareness, education and intervention
  • Identify Individuals for Disease Management and Counseling
  • Provide employees with concrete information thus preparing them for lifestyle change
  • Provide employers with important information on employee productivity

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