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Tips on reducing sugar  

My blood sugar (glucose) screening in 2019 revealed that I was in the range of pre-diabetes, hemoglobin A1C of 6 when it should be not higher than 5.7, and that I was at risk for developing diabetes. My doctor seemed concerned so I knew I had to take this health issue seriously. If my A1C would continue to rise then the recommendation would be medication, which I adamantly was opposed to! I had to make a few lifestyle changes, which I did,  and it worked! When I re-tested a year later, to my great surprise, my A1C was at 5.2. Here is what I did to improve MyNumbers: 

  1. I cut my sugar intake to 50%. For example instead of taking 2 teaspoons of sugar, I took only 1 teaspoon (now I find that 2 tps is actually way too sweet).
  2. I cut down on carbohydrates because they transform to glucose in the blood. I am a bread lover, and this is the first thing I removed, bread. Also, I drastically cut down on pasta and rice.
  3. I exercised a few times a week, for 30 mn. Aerobics, treadmill, and climbing stairs in the winter, and long walks in the neighborhood when the weather is nice.
  4. And, finally, the most difficult one! Is an intermittent diet/cleansing for 5 weeks. 

Of course it goes without saying that sodas, fast-food, ice creams, pastries, have to be removed from the diet as well; I was not eating those things then so they were not a factor in my case, but they should be eliminated, absolutely!

That’s it! There is nothing more to it. This is something anyone can easily do, except maybe the intermittent diet, which requires a little bit of self-discipline to stick to it. The one I had did not make me starve or anything like that; it consisted of two meals a days 6 hours apart mostly, but resisting eating in between can be hard. Please read my other blog where I explain it in more detail. 

To your health!  ~  Vera

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